• Our Products

We provide all metal parts related services like mold design/making, tooling modification, surface treatment and assembly for the parts etc.

Materials that we can work with include electro-galvanized steel sheet, cold-rolled steel sheet, stainless steel, tin plated steel, silicon steel, phosphorus copper, Nickel plated and other different kind of metal sheets. Our company aim is quality service, we continuously provide the best service to our valuable customers. “We Do our Best” and to be your trustable partner.

MOLD DESIGN - professional team to help you to design progressive mold die, we are experienced and we have R&D team to explore new technique.

MOLD PRODUCTION - full set of high precision metal work machineries, all production functioned by individual department

STAMPING PRODUCTION & LASER CUTTING - precision pressing machines, plus reliable quality control, equals to high quality assurance. Laser cutting is excellent for prototype making, speed and performance exceed your imagination

ASSEMBLY - provide a one-stop service to minimize un-necessary cost in logistics and management. Moreover, and we would design convenient assembly tools and inspection tools in our assembly line, to speed up the efficiency.

SURFACE TREATMENT - if plating or coating is needed after the stamping production we can provide the services through our long-term business partner. They can provide electroplating like Zinc, Nickel, Gold, Silver, Copper, Tin or Chrome. Moreover, electro-paint coating, powder coating, paint spraying and flocking are also available. If you require other special surface treatment, please contact us to enjoy our services.